Finally! Recognition for all the higher-ed professionals who work in social media/digitial marketing!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently started to update the governments Standard Occupational Categories – the categories that are used to identify how Americans work today. This is an amazing step in getting “new” positions and careers in social media to be categorized and counted in government data!

The BLS update is a great step for anyone who works in the realm of social media and tech and these sectors are especially popular in higher education. Just from personal experience, my current office has gone virtual, with both a Facebook and Twitter presence maintained by a newly hired Social Media Director. However, before the BLS update, these social-media positions that are now considered to be essential were not even listed as on the current list. Definitely time for a much needed overhaul and update!

I also believe that including social-media related occupations as employment categories on government data is an essential step in getting the respect and awareness from the general public that these positions earn.

For more information feel free to check out the Wall Street Journal’s article on the categorical overhaul.


3 thoughts on “Finally! Recognition for all the higher-ed professionals who work in social media/digitial marketing!

  1. I currently work as an HR Manager, and I hire Social Media professionals and without them and their digital soapboxes, we would be lost. I am very happy to see that their diligence is being rewarded with recognition!

    • Same! Very recently someone who I am Facebook friends with (ironically this person also works in the higher ed industry) posted a status that I found to be really ill informed and offensive – basically something along the lines of “If you have a job title of social media anything, you wont have a job in 10 years”. Yeah right lady I don’t think so!!

  2. This really is great news. This should be the start of beginning to acknowledge the importance of the people behind social media which engage the public beyond traditional marketing strategies!

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